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About Blue Ribbon Conveyancing

Operating across Melbourne metro and Victoria regions, Blue Ribbon Conveyancing provides our clients with constant updates on the progress of their conveyance transaction.

Handling all conveyancing transactions by one of our experienced licensed conveyancers' with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise, be confident knowing that a professional is working with you.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of the property title from one owner to another. Blue Ribbon Conveyancing holds Conveyancers Professional Indemnity Insurance and is licenced under the Victorian Business Licencing Authority. This is a Conveyancing firm only and engages a solicitor to carry out any relevant legal work

Buying & Selling Property

Related Party Transfer & Refinancing


First Home Owners Grant Application

Stamp Duty Concessions, Exemptions & Refunds

Caveats / Withdrawal of Caveat

Discharging Mortgage

Survivorship Application

Legal Personal Representative Application

Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing Services

From buying and selling a property to discharging mortgages, take a look at our full range of conveyancing services that we provide across Melbourne Metro and Victoria regions.

Online Forms

Online Forms

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