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Whatever type of real estate property you are selling, it is crucial that all the related paperwork is properly completed, and all the legal processes are followed correctly. Missteps in the property transfer process could be a deal breaker, or even result in legal action against you as the seller. That is why it’s important to have a professional conveyancer involved in taking care of preparing the research, contracts, legal paperwork and due diligence for your property sale.

We offer fixed price property selling conveyancing services and free quotes, so you can be confident that you understand the costs before the process begins.

Buying Property - Conveyancing Services

Selling Residential Property

Selling a residential property is difficult enough without saddling yourself with all the legals and paperwork.

Blue Ribbon Conveyancing takes care of the entire process with a high level of attention to detail, so you can better use your time during the property sale.

You’ll get useful advice at every stage of the residential property sales and transfer process.

Selling Commercial Property

When selling a commercial property, the experience and knowledge of an accredited conveyancer can prevent problems with the transfer of title.

Whatever type of commercial property you’re looking to purchase, Blue Ribbon Conveyancing will act in your interests and protect your rights as a seller.

You’ll be kept up to date throughout the sale with a consultation.

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How we help you through the property selling process

To get started with Blue Ribbon Conveyancing to sell a property, we get you to complete a simple form with your details and those of the property. Below is a list of actions that your Conveyancer can take on your behalf during the process of selling a property.

We search relevant government departments and authorities for the details needed for inclusion in the Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

Prepare all documents applicable to the sale, according to the specific requirements of your property transfer.

Ensure that the Contract of Sale is executed correctly and exchanged between all parties.

Monitor to ensure Deposit is paid and Loan Approval dates are achieved.

Prepare all documents applicable to the property purchase, such as transfer of land, nomination form and declaration, purchaser statement, principle place of residence, statutory declaration, pensioner concession statutory declaration and first home owners grant and/or duty deduction.

Monitor all conditions of the Contract of Sale. For example, we ensure that the Deposit is paid and Loan Approval dates are achieved.

Prepare and provide you with the Statement of Adjustment and Settlement Statement that includes all the rates and charges on the property.

Organise discharge of the mortgage with your Mortgagee that is lodged over the Title (if any) and arrange the payout of your loan.

Requesting preparation of Withdrawal of Caveat which is lodged over the Title (if any).

Arrange settlement with all parties involved, inform you of the settlement time (we can attend the settlement on your behalf). We provide you with the relevant Statement of Adjustment, Settlement Statement on all rates and charges on the property.

Notify the local Council and Water Authority, State Revenue Office and Owner’s Corporation (if any) of change of ownership following settlement

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