First Home Buyer Conveyancing Services

Purchasing a property as a first home buyer in Melbourne is an exciting but also overwhelming moment. Luckily, we’re here to break that down for you. The right conveyancer is integral as a first home buyer in ensuring you have a positive, stress free experience.

At Blue Ribbon Conveyancing, we aim to alleviate all the possible headaches that may arise during the property transfer process; we will mitigate any legal issues that come to light during your settlement so that you’re left to celebrate the good bits.

We offer fixed price related property transfer conveyancing services and free quotes, so you can be confident that you understand the costs before the process begins.

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Why Do You Need a Conveyancer for First Home Buyers?

A conveyancer will be there every step of way, giving you vital advice concerning the purchase of your first property.

We will attend the settlement on behalf of you, this ensures all the necessary documents are received and your vested interests are protected. Settlements are lengthy and confusing as they are filled with complicated legal jargon; allowing us to manage your settlement takes the pressure off of you and ensures that your rights are fully represented.

A conveyancer will guarantee that you have met all your legal requirements, whilst simultaneously protecting your legal interests. This is done in three ways; by conducting research, preparing documentation and finally examining and ensuring that all of the steps have been completed correctly.

Why Choose Blue Ribbon Conveyancing for Your First Home Buyers Conveyancing?

Many first home buyers feel overwhelmed by the paperwork and documentation involved in the purchase of a property. We know that contracts are constantly changing in Victoria and beyond. Which is why it is so vital to hire the correct first home conveyancer in Melbourne. We are here from the beginning to the end of the process. We will read through your contract of sale and mortgage documents which are both extensive paperwork that is full of legal jargon that the average person would find confusing and difficult to understand.

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How we help you to buy your first home

Blue Ribbon Conveyancers are here to break it down for you. Property transfer is a complex process, if self managed it can be an incredibly stress inducing experience. We will clarify any confusion in your buying process and on your behalf complete all the various documentation. This will make sure that there are minor complications, at the end of the day it’s our job to streamline this process with you and your job to take the keys.

We want you as the first time home buyer to feel confident and informed all throughout the process. Some of the services we provide include:

Preparing your transfer documentation.

Making certain that your stamp duty exemption are claimed.

Determining the final balance needed for the settlement.

Finalising the process by providing you with a settlement statement and tax invoice.

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