Property Buyer Conveyancing Services

If you are buying a property as your home, investment or commercial property in Victoria, Blue Ribbon Conveyancing makes the ownership transfer process easy and straight-forward. The professional specialists at Blue Ribbon Conveyancing can help you through the property buying process at the earliest stages, so get in touch with us to make sure your purchase goes smoothly right from the start.

We offer fixed price purchase conveyancing services and free quotes, so you can be confident that you understand the costs before the process begins.

Buying Property - Conveyancing Services

Buying Residential Property

Buying a residential property can be a complicated and confusing process, especially if you are a first home buyer. Blue Ribbon Conveyancing provides everything you need with a high level of attention to detail, saving buyers the time and hassle of managing all the legalities and checks themselves.

You’ll get useful advice at every stage of the residential property purchase and transfer process.

Buying Commercial Property

When hunting for a commercial property to invest in, the experience and knowledge of an accredited conveyancer can prevent problems that would otherwise be unforeseen with your purchase.

Whatever type of commercial property you’re looking to purchase, Blue Ribbon Conveyancing will act in your interests throughout the buying process.

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How we help you through the property buying process

The first step is for you to fill out a form to provide the purchase details and instructions to the Conveyancer. Below is a list of actions that your Conveyancer can take on your behalf during the process of purchasing a property.

We perform searches on details of the property title, any council restrictions, water provisions and land tax and Owner’s Corporation (if any).

Analyse and give you advice on the Contract of Sale and/or Section 32 Vendor’s Statement before making an offer or signing off. If you have already signed a contract, we can offer advice to you within the 3 day cooling-off period., if applicable.

If required, we can monitor and request an extension of the finance clause and payment of the deposit. We can also help you manage any bank delays with finance approvals.

If you find yourself in the position where your loan is declined, we assist you with withdrawing from the Contract and getting a refund on your deposit.

Prepare all documents applicable to the property purchase, such as transfer of land, nomination form and declaration, purchaser statement, principle place of residence, statutory declaration, pensioner concession statutory declaration and first home owners grant and/or duty deduction.

Provide the necessary documentation to your Mortgage Broker/Lender to help with finance approval.

Prepare and provide you with the Statement of Adjustment and Settlement Statement that includes all the rates and charges on the property.

Arrange the final settlement with all the involved parties.

Although you don’t have to attend the final settlement, we inform you of the settlement time.

We attend the settlement on your behalf.

Provide confirmation to you, to your Mortgage Broker and the Estate Agent once settled and you can then collect the keys (if any).

Notify Council and Water Authority, State Revenue Office and Owner’s Corporation (if any) of change of ownership following settlement.

Advise once Title has been successfully registered in your name.

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    Contract Review

    When purchasing a property, we want to ensure the process is stress-free and A streamlined as possible for you. As a result, we will provide you with a detailed legal review of your contract of sale. This contract review will minimise the risk of possible issues arising after the legal and binding contract has been signed.

    You are our priority, and we want to make certain you have the best outcome. As a result, our review will correct any possible errors within the contract, include special conditions to protect you from future risk, clarify information with third parties that raises possible red flags and we will discuss with you what is fair and reasonable to renegotiate.

    Having one of our skilled conveyancing professionals perform a contract review guarantees that your home purchasing experience is not only stress-free but that your best interests are fully represented.